Tuesday, 6 December 2011 by Katsudon
I'm on tweeter! Follow me for updates.
Saturday, 3 September 2011 by Katsudon
Some more updates and finally I'm able to play this game on Xbox Live. You'll find me there under the gamertag katsudoro.
Friday, 3 December 2010 by Katsudon
Hey! It's been a while since I last updated the website!
I bought a tablet for my laptop and here are my first attempts to draw Oro. More updates will follow in the holidays.
Monday, 10 august 2009 by Katsudon
Yo! Today is the website's re-opening!
Almost a year after i put the website online, I finally found the time to update it, now the website is almost complete, only one section is missing and some new funny images have been uploaded as well.
So what's this website about? It's full of mockery on one of the coolest (if not THE coolest...) character ever created in the 2d fighter's history, starring in Street fighter 3 games by Capcom and distinguish himself for his out of the ordinary look/way of behaving.
However if you have not played the games, please check the info page, and then go play it ;).
If you see some error, and if you have some suggestions, please send me an email.
Note that the website is not viewed correctly with Internet Explorer, honestly I don't know why, so if someone knows a solution to the problem, I'll really appreciate the effort and I'll give in exchange a vigorous virtual handshake.
Some notes - Katsudon
Oro sleeping Hello guys, just thought it would be good to add some notes on this website's background.
I've always been attracted to 2d fighting games.
In the late 2001 I discovered that masterpiece that is Street Fighter 3 Third Strike and since then I've kept playing it on all its incarnation/porting, I started playing with the Dreamcast and then lately I've enjoyed playing it online on 2DF (using the nickname katsudon). Recently I started playing on Xbox Live under the gamertag katsudoro.
I tried many different characterss, then I decided to stick with Oro (at the beginning it was just to prove to chocobon, another Oro player, that Oro can be used better than the way he used him... eheh) and then I totally devoted my life to him and his turtle. I find playing as him so funny and there is always something new to learn.
That's why I started this website: you can see this as a way to keep the memory of 2d fighting games alive, or simply as a tribute to Oro: in this case, just don't take it too seriously and have fun.